Getting old and going grey: Part 2 low-lights!

So since my last post on this subject I started to run from mirrors and shop windows, was afraid of cameras and was starting to feel like a bin bag was necessary just to leave the house to feed the chickens! Something had to be done!!

This picture of beauty is me of course, trying not to be noticed taking a selfie in the mirror at the hair dressers! 🙂 I went and got some permanent low-lights put in to blend the pale bits with the darker bits and she cut it as well, meaning that in another two or three trims’ time I should have all the black cut out!

Of course I forgot to take another when it was all beautifully blow-dried…I was busy with my crocheting… but here’s one from yesterday at Bolton Abbey:

I think you can see on there that the top three inches or so is a paler colour, blending the grey but it is much less pronounced than before.

Tune in for further updates on my ageing hair next month! 😉


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