Lucky Hens: Accessories and food

It’s chicken-Friday!

I’ve got some more brilliant advice from Louise at You can buy your food and water dishes, treats and other accessories online through them!

Accessories and food

It is cheaper to buy your feed and wood shavings in bulk from farm stores. I buy mine from Pack Horse Feeds in Edenfield so if you are local to me take a look at their website. They are better in person than online actually, they will even take my sacks of food to the car for me! The feed can be purchased in 25kg sacks for as little as approx £6.50 and this will come with all the nutrients and vitamins your chickens need.  If your chickens are point of lay you need to buy layers pellets if they are young chicks you need chick crumb. My battery hens have Layers Mash at first because that’s what they are used to having in the factories but they soon progress onto pellets.

The wood shavings can be purchased in a large bail and costs as little as approx £5.50, which works out a lot cheaper than buying from the Supermarket pet isle!

You will need a drinker and a feeder, chickens drink more then they eat so try and get the drinker a size bigger, this way they will not run out of water. I have this for my food:



and a similar one for water.

Mixed Grit/Oyster Shells these are needed to be placed where the chickens feed, the chicken cannot digest the food properly and so pecks at the mixed grit/oyster shells to break down the food inside the chicken’s crop.  These can be placed in a small cage cup and hung on the run for the hen to peck.

These are the cage cups I have:


Calcium, it is a good idea to give your chickens calcium in the water, (as directed on the bottle) as this aids strength to the egg shells and the chickens bones.


I also add apple cider vinegar to the water as it is antiseptic and a mild antibiotic in that it contains ‘good bacteria’ so it’s a great additive to keep your chooks in tip-top health!

As usual, any questions ask away in the comments section and if I don’t know the answer I’ll ask Louise!


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