Plasticine from Flair: Review

We received a wonderful cardboard box of goodies from Flair this week! The children were really excited because there were ‘Plasticine’ stickers on the outside of the box but I wouldn’t let them open it right away. It sat there on the shelf until I was ready to review it with them and that only added to their excitement.
Here are some pictures of what we found inside!
         Imogen and Leon made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blind bags and I filmed them for Imogen’s vlog. Leon was absolutely thrilled to be a guest on her vlog (and is now nagging me for one of his own). All the children got something out of it, Oona was absolutely thrilled to be given a pack (sorry, she is knickerless as usual! She’s good on the potty but is usually bare-bottomed in the house for ease!) I didn’t think she would manage as well as she did, but she is quite imaginative and often makes us pretend meals in her play kitchen and so she had in mind what she was making and told us all what her creations were…I could see a resemblance with most of the things. Luckily she is past the stage of putting everything in her mouth or I would have not been able to include her.     Above: Elizabeth made a ladybird for Oona. She brought it to show me. You can see I have my feet up whilst Imogen’s vlog was uploading onto YouTube and I was having a sneaky cuppa and a bit of crochet-time! 🙂

Below Imogen made ‘Finn the Human’ from Adventure Time. Elizabeth blogged about Adventure Time here if you would like to find out more!


Leon made a Jake the Dog and Oona made a chicken (of course) and a flower independently.

I have bought plasticine before but only those small packs you get in the post office for just over £1…it would never have occured to me to get Oona any as I wouldn’t have thought she was old enough. It does say for over 3 years on the packet but she is two in a couple of weeks and we supervised her, she played with it for an hour! Having such a lot of plasticine really showed me how great the product is…because the children had lots of colours and a larger amount than they have in the past, they really let their creative juices flow and came up with some wicked little models! They played for a couple of hours. I will certainly buy them lots more of the stuff and would totally recommend it! Of course it goes without saying that if you give it to a child under the recommended age you need to watch them, you don’t want them eating or choking on the stuff! I totally enjoyed my hour of peace  and hope (at these pocket money prices) you will too!

We received:
A packet of the BaSix £1
A packet of the 24 colour Max £2.99
Two packets of the Plasticine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Squidgems £1.50
Plasticine Neon Sticks £2

and a totally cute elephant set.

They were sent to us free of charge in exchange for our (always honest) review.

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