Pink ChillFactor Drinks Bottle Review

We were sent this super cool drinks bottle to review this week


My poor kids don’t get slushies when we go out to Legoland or ball pools because I can’t stand the effect of the ‘e’ numbers on my already feisty brood so this was their first experience of them. I made them with Fitzpatrick’s Blackcurrant and liquorice flavour cordial. All natural and healthy but fun at the same time! Rather brilliantly the cup is also BPA free. BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a chemical compound which mimics estrogen and has been linked to breast cancer, early puberty and other problems. It is pretty much everywhere (even till receipts contain it!) but if you can avoid using drinks bottles and food containers which are made with this awful material and stick to BPA free ones it is a good idea because they leach the BPA into whatever food or beverage is in the container.

With the excellent design of this product the kids can literally cool their drinks to slush in just a few seconds. You take the centre out and stick it in the freezer for a few hours, replace, pour in your favourite beverage and then repeatedly squeeze the soft, squidgy cup. The juice freezes as you squeeze it against the sides of the cup and taddah! You have yourself a slushy!!

I’m thinking of doing it with white wine…which will be a more grown-up version and will take me back to my mis-spent youth when I used to drink bright blue raspberry flavour vodka slushies at Poptastic in Manchester 😉

Here’s Imogen’s review of the product, she demonstrates it brilliantly! I’ll definitely be buying a couple more of these so all the kids can have their own slushy making ChillFactor Drinks bottle!

The review was given to us in exchange for our honest review: We give it ***** stars as it is marvellous!

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