Slipped disc

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I slipped my disc. So I am grumpier than a grumpy thing and my creative bloggy juices have all dried up. I set myself a blog challenge a few weeks ago to try and blog every day, but it was REALLY hard and I failed and as a result I kind of went the other way and didn’t blog at all!

Like being over-drawn at the bank and thinking ‘sod-it then!’ and spending £300 on underwear or something.

When you lose your bloggy-mojo it is difficult to know what to blog about and I’ve not been able to do as much with the children because I’ve been in loads of pain. Sitting up to the desk is awful because I feel like I’ve got broken glass sticking in my right bum cheek. Sciatica is a bad bad miserable horrible thing to have. It makes me feel evil. We missed Rhythm Time this week because I couldn’t face sitting on the floor with the other Mums and their kids…I’m quite sure they would’ve got me a chair but to be honest I couldn’t face that either!

I’ve tried lots of things to help with my sciatica and slipped disc. I started with Physio and he manipulated it back in but then told me not to bend forward or pick anything up for 48 hours. When I had finished laughing….I mean seriously? I’ve got a two year old, I home ed three kids and the house is always a tip. What does he think will happen if I stop picking things up off the carpet? Come on! So it popped back out again, obviously. I went back three more times at forty quid a go and he put it back in for it to come out a day later…because it seems I have no ‘core’. Good when apples have no core but not good when it’s a person chasing a two year old apparently.

So I tried Acupuncture. I have to say I have previous experience with acupuncture and it worked. I was over due with Oona by about 12 days or something ridiculous and I went for acupuncture, within three hours I was in labour. So it worked. However, I found that with my back pain it was extremely relaxing, but, well didn’t work. At all. Perhaps I should’ve gone more than three times but Paul found something called ‘Bowen Therapy’ online and I have had two treatments so I am hoping this will have an impact. Felt great yesterday so I hoovered the house from top to bottom, mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned two bathrooms, did two loads of washing and cleaned out the chickens…What?!

Unspurprisingly I then had to have 2 Paracetamol, 2 Ibuprofen, a bottle of wine and a bag of family popadoms whilst lying on the settee…

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PS I had to add a new category just for this post called ‘General Whinging’ because it wouldn’t fit in my other categories. I promise not to fill this category tooooo much!

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  1. June 14, 2015 at 3:19 am

    Good luck with your back. When it is bad have you tried lying flat on your back and pulling knees to chest then clasping knees with hands? and monthly Bowen treatment is what has kept me going for the past six years or so.

    • Mel Bridge
      June 14, 2015 at 9:48 am

      Oh really? That’s good to know! I just want to be pain free. I’ll try the excercise too xx

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