Peppa Pig Princess Rose Plush: Review post

We were sent a gorgeous toy to review this week!

I made a video of Oona opening the parcel and Imogen reviewed the product with Oona over on her vlog here.

The Peppa Pig Princess Rose plush toy retails at £19.99 and is extremely soft and sweet.

This toy is designed so that you can play Ring-a-ring-a-roses with Peppa. It is lovely because the child can still play ring-a-roses even if it is just her and Peppa alone. The child just has to hold her hands and she will sing with you. When you let go of her hands, Peppa stops singing. Peppa is dressed as Princess Rose with a silky dress with net fabric and embroidered detailing on the front. Eyes nose and mouth are embroidered on and she has a slight blush to her cheeks meaning that she is really pretty, but also there are no hard edges to spoil her squeezable softness. She has a battery compartment in her back (found under a velcro strip in the back of the dress but this is well protected by stuffing and doesn’t effect the snuggle-factor.



Serious face because Leon was asking could he please have a turn!



Here she was doing the Peppa snort noise!



A little later this morning…




This Peppa Pig plush has been a massive hit with my little Peppa fan, and even though I’m not one for buying noisy toys (my kids make enough noise as they are without an extra toddler in the shape of a pig adding to the cacophony) the fact that Peppa’s sensors have to both be touched at the same time for her to sing her song meant that she very quickly quietened down and Oona was able to fall asleep cuddling her due to her not holding both of the toy’s hands as she cuddled up.

It’s a lovely quality item and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to my readers and my friends.

As always, despite receiving the item in exchange for a review our opinions are our own.

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