Airjitzu at Legoland Manchester

Today we went to the Ninjago Airjitzu event at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester. We go there all the time and you would think the kids would be getting fed up of it by now but actually there’s always something different to experience despite the fact that there is always the same warm welcome with the staff recognizing the children and everything being so wonderfully lego-ish…

For the duration of August Legoland are offering a wonderfully immersive experience allowing kids to embark on an epic adventure with LEGO® Ninjago Airjitzu. They opened up early to allow us to go and check things out for you! We got to play with the airjitzu toys before the centre opened to the public so my brood did their usual thing of running ahead helter-skelter and barged into the locked doors and had started banging on the glass before I could catch up to tell them to hold their horses, we were ten minutes early! We waited outside whilst they tried to drown each other in the fountain and then went inside.

They then did their usual exuberant trick of racing into the foyer to play with the bricks that are in tubs near the doors whilst I show our cards at the desk. Today though they were excited to find they all had a bag with a little gift containing an Airjitzu toy. They were thrilled with them! They are so fast and so high I had to ban them from using them in the house when we got home! One child probably wouldn’t be too bad armed with one of these cool toys but four kids setting them off in the living room was a bit too much excitement for me! Ha ha! I threw them outside with an iced lolly each and let them go show them off on the cul-de-sac!


This is Elizabeth with hers. You pull the zip and the little spinny thing goes off high into the air, complete with little lego man! We’ve had similar toys (small cheepies) but they’ve never gone as fast and as high as these! The kids were really impressed.


We then saw the Amazing Professor Brick who this time chose Mr Bridge to press the big red button, which obviously made his day, he is usually overlooked in favour of small people so it was his chance to shine.



Throughout August, families and children can really ignite their imaginations by enjoying the same experience that we did! You get to build your own LEGO® Ninjago Mask, take part in the LEGO® Ninjago Laser Maze Challenge, and use your Ninja accuracy skills to build a LEGO® Ninjago Airjitzu flyer before practising some top tricks at the flyer academy.


Here is Leon using his Ninja accuracy skills to fly his Ninjago Airjitzu flyer through the targets! It’s very hard, apparently but he did manage it!

 before  Additionally, there were hands-on building challenges, where they were shown how to take their flyer apart and rebuild it.

and we also got to meet one of the stars of the Ninjago series: ‘Kai’, the Red Fire Ninja!

Oona wasn’t too sure at first. I had to tell her it was just a Daddy dressing up! It was quite cool because they got all the kids doing Ninja moves and since the kids had missed their Karate lesson in order to attend, they went for it with gusto!

It was a brilliant day, we had a great time and we would recommend that you make some time in the holidays to get over there and join in the fun! If you have any questions, just ask me in the comments!

My new camera arrives tomorrow so you will hopefully get improved quality of photographs from now on! (And Imogen has a vlog up her sleeve so I will be back to update this post when we have that live.

Lots of love!


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