Chill Factore ex ice ment!

Well this has turned into a bit of a non-summer hasn’t it? It’s been nice enough for the kids to play out all the time, but not hot enough for paddling pools and water fights. I know, I know there’s time yet…we could have an Indian Summer after all…in the meantime though, why not just give in? Give in and go sledging!!

We’ve been invited to Chill Factore Manchester again, we last went at Christmas time when we saw Santa in his grotto and had a fantastic time but this time our invitation is for the Ready Go Snow Summer Festival. Chill Factore are offering free activities for all during the Summer Holidays. you can watch ski or snowboard lessons and see all the action in the snow park and have a go at sledging for free. There is a 12m climbing wall and on Alpine Street there are games and giveaways and organised events. These are free every Tuesday.

In addition to this there’s the newest attraction in Mini Moose Land: The Arctic Adventure Playground which is a magical network of tunnels buried beneath real snow. There are turrets so that the children can look out across Mini Moose Land before whizzing down the slides.

It all sounds so exciting, we can’t wait to go and report on the fun we have there!


To book visit


PS We have been working with Chill Factore for a little while and they have sent us free tickets to go on a number of occasions. Our opinions however are our own xx


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