Calamity Jane at Liverpool 

I took Imogen to The Liverpool Empire to see Calamity Jane. It wasn’t her birthday or anything, I just took her because she is a MASSIVE fan. I kept it as a surprise for as long as I could and then told her about it. She was so excited!

She wanted her hair up, under her hat like Calam so I twisted it into curls and pinned it out of the way.



  We drove to Liverpool and I was a bit nervous because I have an appalling sense of direction. Before SatNavs came along I spent almost every journey I went on lost and hysterical. I took photos of Imogen as we walked along to the theatre from the car park mostly so that I could use them to find my way back! ha ha
 We kept getting stopped by people on the street who recognised her immediately as Calam. She was thrilled and I think she really felt like a celebrity.  Just FYI that’s not Pepsi she’s drinking, it’s lemonade!
  Pre-performance selfie  We went mid-week in school time so most of the audience were grown-ups and were, like us, die-hard Calamity Jane fans. Having been to see Rebecca at the Lowry a couple of weeks before (and being disappointed that it was a parody) I was hopeful that this was going to be good!
   And it WAS!

I STILL don’t know how they did it! With a small cast and a small stage they managed to pack all the heart and soul of Calamity Jane into their production. It was utterly spell-binding and I was amazed. I’ve never seen a production so brilliant.

To get a little bit of the colour of the show take a peek at this:

Jodie Prenger was totally convincing and of course I fell totally in love with Wild Bill Hickock! Imogen waited behind at the end and had her picture taken with Calam…I think she would have liked it if Jodie had been wearing her dirty cowgirl outfit rather than the wedding dress so that she could be the same, but she was still thrilled!
  And here she is with Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin 

If you get a chance to see this production and you are a fan of Calamity Jane I promise you won’t be disappointed. It is truly marvellous!


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