Oona’s birthday trip to Martin Mere

One of Oona’s favourite places to go is Hebden Bridge where she loves to feed the ducks so when Paul and I were talking about where to take her for her Birthday, we soon decided on Martin Mere where there are ducks GALORE!



Here she is with Elizabeth and Imogen in the foyer riding on the swan   They have a little table where they sell duck food and it comes in little paper bags which split if you look at them aggressively…so this time we purchased a little bucket for Oona to carry her seed in. Very cute froggy bucket!
  The kids love the freedom of Martin Mere, they can roam about to their hearts’ content and there’s no boundaries really.  The stepping stones were a little bit far apart for Oona’s little legs and the water is deep enough there to go over the tops of her wellies!
  The older kids borrowed their buckets from the reception desk after I explained I wasn’t going to buy four frog buckets 😉
    Poor Daddy chased Oona all day whilst I limped along taking the pictures! My back was particularly painful that day, I couldn’t do anything!
  My angel-child!  Pretty Elizabeth
  I was totally gutted not to be able to play on the zip line on the park! It’s brilliant!  Oona was a little bit afraid at first but then there was no stopping her
  And she loved the little play house too. Which was nice because it was something I could do with her. I got in there with her and we were peeping through the windows at everyone!

We had a really brilliant day at Martin Mere and would recommend it. We have yearly passes, and have renewed them each year for the past four years that we have home educated. Take a look at their website here


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