Oona’s second birthday.

This is the pile of pressies Oona got up to on her birthday 🙂

Imogen crocheted her a little bag, which was very sweet!

Elizabeth dressed up in her shiny Christmas frock (at 7.30 in the morning) to celebrate the occasion

She also got another handbag complete with lipstick, purse, sunglasses, compact and she totally loved it!

Here she is putting her lippy on!

She got a tool kit too… no gender stereotyping here!
  and a fabby dinosaur outfit!
and a pirate outfit

Hilariously she didn’t know what the ironing board was for, having had no example to follow…

Her pretty dress from Sainsbury’s was an absolute perfect fit!

Big cousin Alex came over to play with Auntie Flic and Uncle Ste


James came over too

And auntie Wendy with Laura and Charlotte. They brought more beads and high heels!

My baby is still my baby though, despite the fact that she prefers princess stuff and make up to tools and pirate outfits!

Happy Birthday my baby girl.


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