Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello dolly review 

This week we were sent the Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello dolly to review. It is actually for ages 3+ and Oona is only 30 months but she’s always been quite advanced in her play, I think because the older children stretch her capabilities. She’s always wanted to be a big girl. 

Seeing the doll in the packet in the shop it might not have been one I would pick because it’s quite large for a small person to carry but that wouldn’t have been the best judgement and I’ll tell you why:

The doll is large and a little cumbersome because it is hard bodied and Oona is little but she’s smaller than the average two year old and it’s aimed at age 3 so I think the average 3 year old would cope better with the size. What’s brilliant about it is the interactive features. 

Oona plays with her dollies, she has a few and she breastfeeds them, puts them to bed and then after a few minutes discards them because she doesn’t know what to do next. The Cicciobello doll is different. He says “I love you, Mama” and then “thirsty” so Oona gets the juice box and feeds him. Then he says “dirty” and there’s a green light shining around baby’s mouth which switches off after giving the child ample time to wipe his face. He says “hungry” and again he interacts with the spoon (being picky it would have been nice if there was a bowl included but we just found one out of the play kitchen) the dolly makes swallowing noises and then a light switches on and he again says “dirty”. And Oona happily wipes his face.

My children love bodily functions whether it be wees, poos trumps or bogies so this dolly has caused hysterics in our home because after he’s been fed he starts complaining of tummy ache, cries, trumps and his bottom  lights up. This causes Oona to excitedly shout “Potty potty!” as she tries to get him to the potty on time. 

When she first took his nappy off (we had thought he was a girl) she was delighted to find that he has a “willy like Leon”. I don’t mind my kids having anatomically correct dolls, I know some mums do but frankly I find that baffling. Boys have willies so boy dolls should too!

If I compare this doll to her usual dolls the biggest difference is the length of time she will play. At 30 months old, even though she is quite mature, she doesn’t have enough ideas for imaginative play to keep her going longer than maybe ten minutes but this doll prompts her to do different activities so that it keeps her engaged for half an hour or more! She struggles to put the clothes on although she can take them off, but they are soft clothes with Velcro fastenings so I feel confident that she will manage them soon enough with help. 

I made a lovely video of her playing but I’m in hospital writing this so I can’t add the video at the moment…I’ll pop back and add it when I’m home.

Here are some pictures:

Kissing him through the box.

There he is with his spoon, dummy, cloths and juice. He also comes with a potty not pictured and a little t-shirt and nappy. His eyes close and open when you tip him back and forwards.

Here she is giving him his juice box

Wiping his botty

More wiping of the botty. Oona likes to do a thorough job! 

This doll really is good play value. If you’ve got little people you will know how quickly they flit from toy to toy so it’s fantastic when a toy holds their attention for a little while!

We’d recommend it.

We were sent this dolly for review but as usual our opinions are ours.

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