Independent craft

I don’t helicopter parent generally…but I do freak out with the aprons and newspaper where paint is involved!

The kids have recently started totally ignoring this however and wait until  I am out of the house or in the shower or something and then totally take advantage by getting loads of craft out!

They look at me beseechingly and say “We took lots of pictures for the blo-og!” in whiny voices and I just tidy up the mess with them like a good mama! ha ha

Anyway, last week it was ‘paint your own…’ day. They receive this kind of thing for Christmas and Birthdays and it usually goes in the cupboard and I hope they don’t find it…well they did! This was paint your own piggy bank, tea set, puppy and pony. Just enough for four little-uns to make a right old mess with independent craft!

These aren’t my pictures, the kids did EVERYTHING!

  Elizabeth’s piggy bank
  Oona sans apron aaaaargh!  Imogen’s dog
  Elizabeth’s pretty painty face  Leon got paint on his t-shirt so it was in a heap on the floor…that there is the cloth he used to clean himself up with! I think he was doing the tea set
  Oona was doing the pony. He now only has three legs because she dropped him
    These are hair bobbles for the pony. It came with a push in tail (and a hole in it’s bottom)

    Looks like Imogen had a go at the tea set too! In the foreground of the picture is a Yellow Moon Lantern
  Looks like Leon shut the door after the horse had bolted with the apron! ha ha ha
  tea cups and if you look, there’s a hedgehog from the yellow moon autumn pack we received!
  Bit of a clean up! Elizabeth is always the last to finish! She takes extra care. If you look up on the shelves next to the clock you can see our Rugby players in pride of place!

I love that they are getting old enough to do things independently! Yeah they make a mess and get paint everywhere, but they have a great time and generally they make great stuff! The packs that I buy mean that everything is included which really cuts down on mess. Yellow Moon are great, but these were just supermarket pottery painting kits.

Give it a go with your kids!

Just invest in some stain remover 😉


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