Zombie dollies

You remember we tried to repaint our dolls like the tree-change dolls earlier in the year?

Well Leon had the idea that he would create a zombie action man in the same way. Being a six year old boy he really wasn’t concerned with spending a long time removing Action Man’s face in order to paint his own on, he just rocked up with my water-based acrylic paints and a brush and got to work.

  He even cut Action Man’s pants and painted his legs red so that he was injured
  Of course there’s no show without punch and very soon Elizabeth and later Imogen were on the job repainting Barbie. Elizabeth’s Barbie wears a necklace and when it is pressed she sings a song from the movie…her batteries have stopped working and so she paid the ultimate price. Lost voice? Well in our house that is the deciding factor when deciding which dolly will become one of the evil ‘undead’
  It gets worse!

They really enjoyed doing these dolls and I loved that the idea came from Leon, it wasn’t something I had come up with (like when I got them involved with the tree change doll make-overs) this was their idea and inspired some really creative play. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t perfectly created the details because they are zombies! So this was a really brilliant and very achievable project for them. The zombies took over the Barbie house for the day and are often involved in all kinds of terrible Barbie-badness.

Try it at home, give your kids a packet of acrylic paints and some old Barbies/Action men!

Halloween is just around the corner!


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