Art exhibition

I have already blogged about the children’s adventures in art with Nichola Cortese. Nichola organised an exhibition of the children’s work at the Copa House Cafe in Hebden Bridge in mid October with all the proceeds going to charity.

My children were so thrilled by the fact that their work would be hung in public and that it was for sale on the walls of the cafe! It is still there, and we can’t wait to bring it home because of course their work all sold immediately…Mummy bought it!





The top left picture belongs to Leon and the bottom left is Elizabeth’s. Inspired by Van Gogh


The picture on the top right in the blue frame is Imogen’s work. Inspired by Pollock


Imogen’s work could have been sold again, a lady wanted to buy it so we gave Imogen the choice whether to sell it to me or the lady, I am glad to say I won! But she was extremely flattered and proud to have sold the work to a member of the public.


Here’s a picture of Oona, she was going to start some colouring in and I can’t believe how grown up she looks in those little pig-tails! She was a bit tired and soon had a bit of a cuddle and some boobie.



They all had their faces painted. Elizabeth was a fox


Leon was a dragon


Oona of course had to be Peppa Pig! There she is sitting very still!


And Imogen was an owl!

They went a little bit wild after the exhibition, all that being good in a crowded place meant a bit of leaf kicking was necessary.


Oona was tired and in Paul’s arms by this point, it was about 4.30pm when we had finished and she hadn’t had a nap. But the big kids had a whale of a time!



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