Christmas buying: books

I thought I would document my Christmas purchases as I go this year, like I did last time with my recommendations and choices for the kids now aged 10, 9 6 and 2.

The Book People catalogue arrived this morning and as usual the kids pounced on it. Oona spent a good ten minutes kissing all the pictures of The Gruffalo and the older kids were getting ridiculously excited over Minecraft books.

Anyway, I placed my order and here it is:



All my kiddiwinkles are addicted to the rather marvellous Finn and Jake. It’s something we will happily watch as a whole family. Hilarious. It will have to go in the sharing bag unless I buy four copies!


I buy this every year without fail for my Elizabeth! She loves it.


I don’t need to explain this purchase do I?


This one is for Imogen. It includes Heidi, The Railway Children, Little Women, Black Beauty, The Secret Garden and The Wizard of Oz. She is a massive film buff and has already watched all the films. She isn’t a strong reader as she is Dyslexic, but this collection is Age 7 which is just above her reading age of 6.9 so I am hoping this will stretch her a little without over-whelming her.


I bought this one with Elizabeth in mind. She loves all things cats and we just read Kensuke’s Kingdom as a family for book club so I know she will love to read another Morpurgo novel.


This is another one for the ‘Sharing’ pile. The kids love making their own cards, I thought it would be nice for when we’ve forgotten a birthday!

Also for spending more than forty quid I got a free diary worth £14.99:


So that will be lovely to add to someone’s gift box. Maybe my lovely Mother in Law would like it as an extra x


I’ll keep you updated with my other Christmassy purchases,


PS unfortunately I don’t work with The Book People yet so they got free advertising this time 😉 They do tend to have good choice though and are generally cheap with good delivery times, so I do use them and would recommend them.

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