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Before starting her blog six months ago Elizabeth was thinking about blogging for a while. Infact the indecisiveness of aspies is another blog-post entirely!!

Anyway, finally I took the decision out of her hands and set her up with a WordPress blog. I felt it would be educational and would give her an interest and maybe even help others. What I didn’t realise was just how quickly she would learn and develop! She now posts without checking with me first but in the beginning I used to make her run it past me just so I could check the subject matter and help her with her spellings (I would usually just pick one or two mistakes to help her with since she doesn’t do well if criticised). It has helped her immensely with her English, she refuses English tuition of any kind and will run off up to her bedroom if I try, but with her blog it’s different. She wants it to be good and she is open to improving it and therefore learning. Writing for purpose is the way forward!

We started off by talking about what she would like to blog about and she decided to do a ‘book of the week’ post: she usually reads a few books at once, both fiction and non-fiction so I suggested she just choose one to recommend. She also  decided to do an ‘outfit of the week’ post and I am really behind her with this because her style is quite eclectic and she likes ‘un-matching’ clothes (her words) she drives me mad because I buy her coordinating outfits and she splits them up, often layering them and actively trying to place jarring colours and patterns together. Usually it works very well, she just seems to have a feel for what works. This has always been her style.



She’s always had strong opinions on her clothing both from a sensory perspective (they have to be comfortable) and from a style perspective. She gets most of her clothes from the Supermarket (we live out in the sticks so returning clothes if unsuitable is a bit of a pain, if she buys from Tesco Asda and Sainsbury’s I can easily take them back) we also buy online from Next and H&M because their returns are easy. I find the separates from H&M are the best! We’ve also picked up some charity shop bargains which are great for sensory kiddos because they have already been washed lots of times and so they tend to be softer.

I organised a machine-sewing class so that I can further empower her to be able to make her own choices: her options will be endless when she can make her own clothes!



I loved her in this Matalan dress. It’s a perfect style for her because there are no troubling seams, it isn’t waisted or gathered…just a plain A-line shift dress.

We decided that another weekly post would be her ‘Sensory Tip of the week’ where she planned to think of a problem that a sensory parent might come across and offer up some helpful solutions that she thinks might work. This has become her most popular type of post and she has had parents thank her for her top tips and her occupational therapist often shares the tips in her online newsletter.

I had a deal with Elizabeth that I would buy her a vanity URL when she had 20 blog posts live and so she now has her own blog at elizabethsylvia.co.uk and runs it completely independently from me. I’m really proud of her achievements and her progress with it and would recommend it to any other home educator who is pulling their hair out over English lessons!

Pop over there and give her a ‘follow’ 🙂






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