For the last few years we have been to Buile Hill Park for their firework display.

The first year we went we were extra impressed as it was set to classical music. The second year a radio station had managed to get a gig there and were blaring out some nonsense that kids with heavily drawn on eyebrows would be happy to listen to! But this year there was just a fun-fair.

The children went to the Blackpool Illuminations a couple of weeks ago with my best friend and adopted sister Wendy and she bought them light up doo-dahs so of course they came along with us to the fireworks!

The first year Oona came to the fireworks she was in the papoose and wasn’t even a year old. The second year we were a little bit late and it worked in our favour because she could get used to the bangs and lights from the Connecta baby carrier before we got onto the field.

This year we were early. We had chatted to Oona about big bangs and she wasn’t afraid so much, she just kind of didn’t agree with it!

  There she is on my lovely Mister Bridge’s shoulders with her butterfly doodah. All serious because only Naught Norman sets fires. Fires are dangerous. She would like to know when Sam was coming.
  Elizabeth  Leon had a ridiculously mega cool Mohawk  light up thingy but he couldn’t find it in time and we later found it under Oona’s bed.
  Imogen  This picture is actually of the fire being lit
  There you go! But this was the start of Oona realising that fireworks and bonfires are dangerous and Station Officer Steele should be present!

  You can see the concern! The other kids of course thought it was brilliant! And it was! It was bloody hot though! 

  Extreme disapproval  She kept saying “Sam coming?” and “Time go home now, Mum”. I would of course have taken her home straight away if she had been in any way distressed, but she wasn’t…she was just waiting for everything to go wrong and the Fire Brigade to turn up and put it out. Ah! The trials of having a two year old Fireman Sam addict at the fireworks!

As you can see, they were absolutely brilliant! I’d recommend Buile Hill if you can get there. We aren’t local but Paul went to Buile Hill School and his Mum is still local, so it’s not so random that that’s where we ended up.

We had a great time!


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