Kid k’nex                

Thought I would share some of our play with you again. I started doing this in the early days of my blog but as is my way, I didn’t keep up with it! One of Leon’s favourite toys is Kid K’nex. They are lovely! Really bright colours and you can make all kinds of aliens and fantastical creatures with them. I thought Oona might be able to play with them now, but at two she isn’t quite capable yet of getting them to connect together. It’s a little tricky and she got frustrated and threw them across the room!


This last picture is Leon pretending to be Dali! He has been studying him as part of his art course with Nichola Cortese

If you see any Kid K’nex around on your travels pick some up and see what your kids think, they are really good. We have quite a few packs that I picked up in the charity shop and eBay after we were given some small sets as birthday pressies. Like anything else construction based they are better when you have a really large set.

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