Lego, imaginext and weebles

We love Lego!
Amazing stuff, so it is!
My kids really like Duplo, even the big kids…you would think they would’ve grown out of it by now, but they really love the freedom to create, the fluidity of the stuff. Here’s some amazing Lego creations! We have a ton of blocks, we have some of the Toy Story characters, the farm, zoo and dinosaurs as well as some really old, vintage bits and bobs. Yesterday’s play was an all-dayer and the already huge lego box was added to with the castle lego box, the Imaginext castle stuff and Oona even added to it with her Weeble Peppa Pig toy!
Take a look at the fun.

Here’s Peppa on the lego train!

And Oona with a bit of a corn-cake snack
There’s Peppa and her house, she’s just had a visit from the lego Tigger!

A weird farm/zoo/dinosaur reserve complete with Toy Story characters, Pooh and Tigger

Elizabeth’s car was being driven by a duck. Obviously.

Lego is noisy stuff so here Elizabeth is wearing her earphones to help her cope with the noise so she can join in on her own terms.

  Leon’s dragon. Being ridden by a vintage police man

We do have a lot of lego! We have a huge box of the little lego too, but the kids always come back to Duplo. The people fit in lots of other toys and are compatible with other sets. Peppa gets to be good buddies with all the lego crew and the castle lego figures can hang with the Imaginext figures too…all it takes is a little imagination.


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