My Birthday

It was my birthday.

They come around all too often, don’t they?

This one was pretty special though. I was 39. The last of my thirties and I wasn’t depressed about it, I’ve given up worrying about my age. I just want to be healthy and happy and not in pain! Since my back surgery I just celebrate every morning that I wake up able to walk and stand and sit without being in agony.

I nearly postponed this birthday though (well, why not? The Queen has two birthdays!) I was on my period and was starting with a crappy cold, Paul had an ear infection so we cancelled our plans to go out for a meal and I was happy to just move the day to the following week…but we got up the morning of my birthday and the children were so excited!

I’ve had my eye on a huge turquoise pendant for over a year on eBay (funny because when I looked up the properties of the stone it protects the person from injury from falls so if you believe in all that stuff you could say that I must’ve known that the stone is ‘right’ for me) and Paul bought it for me. Here it is.

  It is actually bigger than I thought it was and very heavy, but I really love it!

Elizabeth bought me some yarn to make myself a scarf. It matches my coat exactly and I’m really thrilled with it.

Leon got me a little pair of turquoise earrings, Oona bought me a ring that I picked out myself in Skipton the other week and Imogen bought me a lovely new purse with birds all over it.

We spent a lazy morning in the house and had sausage and onion sandwiches for lunch (YUM!) and then I suggested we pop over to The Organic House Cafe in Hebden where they do a mean slice of gluten free chocolate and almond torte. Of course we had to feed the ducks first (you can’t go to Hebden and not feed the ducks!)
  They always try and slide down the railings!
    Elizabeth wore her witches hat for a good week after Halloween! She was further encouraged to keep wearing it when she wore it to the sweet shop and the man gave her a free lolly because he liked the hat!
  Of course Oona tipped the bucket!
  I love this man!
    Cake and ninja moves!

39 year old me!


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