Banksy and Dali inspiration with Nichola Cortese

A good while ago I wrote about Icky Sticky Kids and the amazing fun the kids had there making a huge mess and having a ball. Well Nichola Cortese also runs classes for older children so I thought I would tell you about it.

The classes are weekly and she does home education and after school classes as well as parties and other art events. Take a look at her website here and her own art page here. My older children have been going to her classes each week for the last 8 weeks and I’d like to show you some of their beautiful work:

This was their Banksy-inspired work:


They have studied Dali and his  famous melting clocks (The Persistence of Memory) and also at Swans Reflecting Elephants. In particular  Les Elephants and then using paint and felt tips, the kids created their own stick leggy elephants.
Did you know that Dali was terrified of grasshoppers and loved his wife because she changed her clothes 3 times a day? Well I do! Because the kids told me!


They studied Hundertwasser, and looked at his architecture and his ‘hats that wear you’


I absolutely love this picture of Imogen


12112303_1490604987902419_4746409000974104500_n (2)

This is Elizabeth’s picture

They looked at Joan Miro who said  “To be an artist, is to believe in life” and learned about surrealism (‘it’s crazy art’ was one verdict) and the children enjoyed looking at lots of examples of his work and chatting about what it meant to them.
They did some eyes closed swirls on paper with black pens and then the kids filled in the spaces with paints. Instant piece of Miro abstract art! Afterwards, they drew a member or more of their family in true Miro style. They used the bumpy stone fireplace wall to add a crayon rubbed textured background. Lovely.




I’ve stolen these pictures from Nichola’s Facebook page and have checked with her that it’s ok to share.

The kids have had a totally amazing time the last few weeks. Now we have to wait until February when they are next booked on, they are gutted! Still, it gives me a chance to frame all their beautiful work and make a gallery in our hallway!

Thank you Nichola!




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