Yellow moon: Lanterns for Diwali

Lanterns for Diwali

It’s a festival of light, so we used our lanterns from Yellow Moon to help us concentrate when learning all about Diwali. Busy fingers keep our ears open!

  We talked about Diwali this year and we learned about the Festival of Lights and read about Lakshmi, the goddess of love beauty and wealth by reading Madhur Jaffrey’s beautiful ‘Seasons of Splendour‘. As usual the very wonderful resources from Yellow Moon Came to the rescue as I was able to get the children on task decorating their lanterns whilst I read them the story. Of course the older kids are more than capable of listening to a story, but Oona needs the extra help to concentrate! The lanterns are really robust (didn’t break even with Oona’s colouring skills) and came with a pretty little tassel attached.


Ps we received the lanterns as a review item


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