Bricktacular Legoland Christmas!

We are off to have a Legoland Christmas on Friday afternoon since we found out they have Christmassified everything!

The guys at Legoland Manchester have created a Santa Express LEGO train and LEGO Lapland, there’s the opportunity to decorate the Centre with LEGO Christmas Decorations, we could make candy canes, snowy snowmen and even a LEGO Santa in the Master Model Builder Workshop! (This is my favourite bit of the centre actually, I love sitting on the little chairs with all my LEGO pieces in a bowl…OCD mama ha ha).



Picture from the Legoland website

We are also REALLY looking forward to driving the cars in the Forest Pursuit winter wonderland! Goodness knows how many times the kids will need rescuing if there’s snow on the race track!

Paul and I will have our usual competition on the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, he has one carriage with a couple of kids and I have another with the other two (only five people are allowed in a carriage so we’ve made it interesting) and off we go! We kill bad guys and we try and beat each others score! (I always beat him even though I usually have one arm around Oona!)

Anyway, I will take lots of pics on Friday and will update you on exactly how much festive fun we have!


PS You know we are Blogger Ambassadors for Legoland don’t you? We got free tickets…but you should also know that before that we paid for our own yearly passes for the whole family for three years because we genuinely think it is ACE! Well worth the cost of the Annual Pass.


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