Lego and cousins!

I think I’ve told you we had a baby, haven’t I? My little sister made a really beautiful one a couple of months ago and they came over at the weekend to let me have a turn. Lego and cousins is the best way to spend your Sunday, I can assure you!  Of course I couldn’t cuddle Heidi without my baby wanting in on the action!
  Two pretty girls!
  Baby Heidi and Oona  She was so careful and held her so gently! I was really impressed with how nurturing and caring she was!
    Out of focus kisses!
  Everyone else played LEGO whilst Flic and I caught up.   That’s Uncle Ste making his debut on the blog! And Alex in the background
  And Elizabeth’s James there on the settee

  That baby wouldn’t wake up! I didn’t see her eyes all day! 🙂 So squishy and perfect!
    Heidi has the blanket that Elizabeth made for her there. It’s a corner to corner pattern and I wrote a separate post about it here.

    Proud big cousin Leon

 We love having Felicity over and her family. Oona has a dolly that she likes to put up her jumper for a feed. She has called her beebee ‘eidi and she bites. Oona says ” Beebee ‘eidi that not funny you bein’ naughty biting my nip” I can assure you she hasn’t learned that from Flic ha ha


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