Legoland Christmas 

We go to Legoland at least once a month and because we go so often I usually just give you a snapshot of our visit. Today though, since it’s Legoland Christmas I thought I would give a proper description of our visit.

The picture below shows us on our way to Legoland from the car park. As usual the big kids have disappeared into the distance! Oona really hates ‘Billy Wind’ as she calls him and has to hide her face in Daddy’s shoulder.


  We arrived to find that the shop had been decorated with some fancy swags of evergreen and lights  We showed our cards on the desks and were given these prize draw cards in the shape of a scavenger hunt. Elizabeth was the only one who wanted to do it, but she really enjoyed going around trying to find all the items on the list.

  This is the Lego Express Train, but we went on a Friday and this event was not open yet. I was told it would be ready on the weekend. Kids will get the opportunity to see the train then. The model itself was pretty cool though!

IMG_8150IMG_8151IMG_8149IMG_8148IMG_8147There were loads of Christmas trees all over the place and they really made for a Christmassy atmosphere throughout the centre.

  Miniland had the addition of the Christmas Markets and a rather large Santa display…this features on the scavenger hunt so be sure to take particular notice of it as you pass!
  Look at all the little mini figures in their Santa hats!
  Even the ‘Forest Pursuit’ ride was furnished with Christmas presents, a snow man and Christmas trees!
  The making decorations event was another thing that was only available to do at the weekend but one of the staff showed me what the kids will be making when they come. Aren’t these baubles cool? We don’t go to the centre on the weekend because my eldest child Elizabeth has Aspergers and doesn’t like busy places. This means we sometimes miss out on things that run at the busier times but it can’t be helped and there was plenty of other things to see and do.  The giant advent calendar and the post box for all the scavenger hunt entries
    I love this picture! I asked Paul was his coffee good and he replied “Yeah its okay” and I said, “Well show me your excited face then!” and here it is! Paul getting excited over his coffee!
  I was a bit naughty and took my camera into the 4D cinema to try and capture some of the atmosphere of the film with the effects but it didn’t work very well. I was conscious that I didn’t want to ruin any one elses experience so I didn’t put the flash on, this is the bit on Chima when the characters are flying through a water fall. You can see at the front of the screen there is the water spraying the audience!
  As you can see lights are also projected onto the walls of the cinema to give the illusion that the screen is pulling you in.  The large Lego models outside the cinema
  A visit to Legoland wouldn’t be complete without my kids going on the earthquake ride (as they call it). It isn’t a ride! You are supposed to challenge yourself to build a sky scraper that won’t fall down when you press the earthquake buttons. The buttons vibrate the plate causing towers that are below par to topple to the ground. My kids just sit on the plates and press the button!

  Oh no! My baby got eaten by a lion!  This is us in the Master Model Builder Centre making a Santa. I paid for these so we could take them home. I’m thinking of supergluing them so they don’t fall apart and adding a little loop so they can go on the tree!
    Sabrina was absolutely lovely.

There are height restrictions on all the rides to keep the kids safe. Anyone can go on the Kingdom Quest Laser ride (although they have to have their own seat, not sit on the knee of an adult) The Forest Pursuit cars have an age restriction of age 4 but there’s a height restriction too…so they have to meet both criteria for that and the ‘witch ride’ as the kids call it (due to the fact that the cars look like they have witch hats on them) has an accompanied height restriction and an unaccompanied height restriction…so until they are 90cm they can’t go on at all, after 90 cm and until 1.2m they can go on with an adult and then children taller than 1.2m may go on unaccompanied. The kids get extremely excited when they reach one of the red lines! I still remember the day Leon turned 4 (and could go on the cars) and Imogen discovered (on the same day) that she was tall enough to go on the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride unaccompanied!  As you can see, Oona’s big day had come! She was finally big enough to go on the Merlin’s Apprentice ride with Daddy!      There she is! Super pleased with herself!  It is very difficult to get an action photo! It’s fast and it’s high!

As you can hopefully see by my pictures, we had a really lovely time at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester and we got home, gave the kiddies their tea, watched a Christmas movie and then when they went to bed the Mister and I had curry, wine and chocolate! A perfect end to a fun day!


We are Legoland Discovery Centre Ambassadors and our Annual pass is paid for. Our opinions are not.

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