November Abridged!

This is my second Abridged post, November Abridged: it has been rainy and cold and windy and we battened down the hatches!


The 2nd was my birthday, I was 39 and I had a lovely time. I had my pressies in the morning, and we went to Hebden for coffee and cake in the afternoon I almost cancelled it because I was under the weather and had my period and Paul had an ear infection so I was thinking it might be best to just postpone it altogether but once I’d decided to just ‘be’ I actually ended up having one of the nicest Birthdays of my life!


On the 5th November we went to see the Fireworks at Buile Hill park. It is always brilliant there!



We went to Chill Factore and had loads of fun seeing the actual real Santa in his grotto



We made plans for the holidays


We reviewed the Orchard Toys shopping game and we got a badge for the blog because we are now official Orchard Toys testers (woop!)

Official tester


We were poorly but we got better. Home educating when people are ill can be hard work. When they are at school and one is ill the rest carry on with their activities but when one is ill and you home ed it impacts everyone else …and of course they don’t all get poorly on one day, its one then the next then the next…they drop like flies and the ones that are not ill are full of energy and that energy is usually spent bickering…lets just say wine numbed the pain (when they went to bed obviously, I wasn’t knocking it back all day…) and remembering that this is a wholesome blog I will skilfully steer the conversation away from wine … because the kids got through their sickness with LEGO!!!


We spent time with a new baby cousin



I managed to finish Paul’s blanket


Oona stopped having nappies at night so we are now a nappy free household again! This is bitter-sweet because it’s ace not to have the expense of buying night time pull-ups, but she’s my last baby and she’s hardly been a baby for five minutes!


And that’s a wrap!




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