Skipton with a posh new camera 

I got myself a posh new camera. It’s a Canon S120 and I love it! I took it out with us to Skipton at the end of Summer and it did me proud! My regular readers have had to put up with some terrible pictures over the last few years (and you still will because I am likely to forget my camera and revert back to the old and trusty iPhone 5S) so here’s some good pictures!

  This is Mister Bridge’s ‘Do you HAVE to take a picture of me right now?’ face.  That’s my ex and Elizabeth’s biological father, James. We manage to be quite friendly most of the time!
    Look at that cheeky girl sticking her tongue out at Elizabeth!
  Skipton castle.
  Paul and Leon sword fighting  Oona with her little dagger! A sword just the right size for her!
    She loves to take her little trundle truck to Skipton so that she can collect seeds and sticks, stones and flowers and cart them all over the place
  I love the freedom the castle gives the children. She’s miles away over there yet we can see her and know she is safe. The path is a little stony and we’ve had grazed knees before, but other than that it’s just perfect!

    On guard!
  My camera even does selfies! Woohoo!


Totally love my camera! I haven’t used any of the buttons apart from the on button and the ‘take a picture’ button yet. I probably never will if I am honest!

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