Thank you Yellow Moon!

I’m gonna have a great Mother’s Day this year, and I have a feeling Grandma might do quite well too!

Yellow Moon have sent us another big lovely box of surprises that the children will be able to do without help. 

We were actually just setting off in the car to go to Legoland but I just couldn’t wait to have a look inside!

This time we received flower craft boxes that can be coloured in or painted. A couple of chocolates or a little bit of a crochet amigurumi and we have a pretty little gift!

They sent us some ‘With Love’ pet cards which come as a pack of six and can be coloured in

And some gorgeous Mother’s Day cards that I didn’t see! I didn’t!

Wooden jewellery hands are a cute addition to any woman’s dressing table and I can’t tell you how excited I am that one of those will be mine! 😉

A heart jigsaw is next on the list which would do nicely for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, since both are about love!  
We love all kinds of yarn art in our house and these pretty love hearts will be appreciated by my crew.  
  And last but not least, pretty butterfly cushions to sew!
Thanks Yellow Moon for peace and quiet and a home made Mother’s Day! (Home made is always best!)


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