Ravensburger Horse Heaven Jigsaw Puzzle Review

My kids haven’t done a jigsaw for YEARS. They play on their tablets and the PC, their laptops, the xbox. They craft, they love crochet, knitting, reading, drawing etc but we’d forgotten about jigsaws. They are kinda basic aren’t they? They don’t make a noise, they aren’t exciting. wrong!

When I was offered the review for a 300 piece puzzle I thought it would be a nice change. I didn’t expect it to take the kids long to complete but I was wrong. About it all! I now have a proper little jigsaw addict and our evenings have changed for the better as a result!

As I think you know, My kids are Elizabeth (11) Imogen (9) Leon (7) and Oona who will be 3 in June. The older kids are kind of set in their ways so when I produced a jigsaw puzzle there was the initial interest at something new:


But then Elizabeth quickly lost interest. Imogen loved it though! We couldn’t do the puzzle in the day because Oona wanted to ‘help’ which caused argument but when she had gone to bed out it came. Each night Imogen would continue with the puzzle:  Those are Oona’s little pink legs and the black legs are mine…even I was compelled to join in! And the toes are Imogen’s!  (The pan belongs to ‘Tangled’ fan, Oona who was using it as a weapon that day…)

Here it is finished (almost)


See the missing piece? Aaaaargh!!!

We lost it!

As a result we went and bought this:

Ravensburger Jigsaw roll

which means that Imogen can do her jigsaw and put it out of Oona’s harm’s  way until she is ready to return to it later.

And I love this new hobby! When I tell the kids to get off their tablets and they go looking for activities that are not screen-based we have something else to do!! We’ve all had a go at this jigsaw and now she is busy on a 500 piece Ravensburger jigsaw. These puzzles are lovely quality, the pieces fit together nicely and feel like they fit together properly rather than some brands where it seems as though the piece is right but it isn’t the right one. The corners are sharp, the card is thick enough that it doesn’t easily bend and the pictures are so pretty! It makes completion all the more exciting! And more lovely is that when Imogen gets out her puzzle, other members of the family can’t help but come spend a little time with her, quietly working together putting pieces in their places. It has made our post-Oona-bed-time time much calmer and quite lovely!

Re-introduce your big kids to jigsaws! They aren’t just for pre-schoolers!



The first Ravensburger puzzle was sent to us for review, but the mat and subsequent jigsaws were purchased by me because Imogen is addicted!

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