Story of The Little Gentleman: The Boo Theatre

We were invited to The Boo Theatre again a couple of weeks ago, to see a new performance: Little Gentleman from The Catherine Wheels Theatre Company.

Oona especially was really excited to go, since she had such a lovely time when we saw ‘Babies in Space’.

I spent the morning lazing around and then, realising the house was a pig-sty and my sister is coming the next day I thought I had better tidy up a bit. The kids were all outside getting grubby in the sun so I took the opportunity to chuck the washing in the washer and give things a bit of a spruce. Amazing what you can do without kids underfoot!

At 2pm I called them in and made them wash and we set off.

We were just on time so only had time to pick up some raisins in the cafe before we went in.


The whole space was covered in astro-turf and we were invited to sit down, picnic-style to watch the performance. The kids sat at the front and I got myself a chair and sat on the edge so I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view.

There was a rather interesting looking box and things started to appear, poking through all the little doors and gaps in time to the music, making the children (and me, truth be told) laugh.


Eventually out came the Little Gentleman who it turns out is new to the area and very very lonely. He advertises for a friend

but is very sad when nobody wants to be friends.


That is until a lonely little lost dog is passing by and sniffs the Little Gentleman’s biscuits…I won’t give away all the lovely details of the story because that’s just rubbish but suffice to say it was really heartwarming!

We loved this production, it was funny, it was very very sad (almost had me in tears at one point) and best of all for me was watching my kids’ faces as the story unfolded. To say they were transfixed is an understatement. The big ones like to think they are tough and cool these days but they were all really taken in. How Izzi Joss kept up her brilliant dog act for almost a whole hour is totally beyond me but she did!

Here’s my brood with the actors Izzi Joss and Pete Collins at the end of the production. There’s a little addition on the end (in blue) who isn’t mine but wanted to be on the picture (don’t worry, I asked his Mum)


The events at The Boo are always brilliant, keep your eye on their website to find out what’s on next:¬†


We were sent complimentary tickets to see this performance. As usual, our opinions are our own xx

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