Things seem to be on the up

Hello again you guys! I am reporting in to let you know that I feel things are on the up!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago that outlined how hopeless I was feeling about my back. Since then I’ve been taking a supplement called MSM which is available in a powder along with glucosamine tablets because they were recommended by friends (I’m not writing a sponsored post or anything, just sharing in case anyone wants to give them a go) I didn’t think they were doing much to help until after about a week of taking them every day we ran out of orange juice and I skipped taking them for two days…I was back to not being able to get out of bed! I’ve found that if I take these supplements I don’t need to take Naproxen and Omeprazole which is good because they aren’t great for your body.

I then had my consultant appointment. I’m seeing Mr Suroor at Salford and he is brilliant!

When I was rushed into hospital in September one of the worst things about it all was that I was in all this ridiculous pain and it seemed like no one believed me! I would say I had numbness but rather than believe me they wanted to stick pins in me. When I said I couldn’t put weight on my leg they wanted to see that I couldn’t…and all their tests caused more pain. If I tell Mr Suroor I have numbness he accepts I’ve got numbness. If I tell him there’s pain he believes me. I was expecting my first appointment to be all kinds of tests but I just explained what I was experiencing and he referred me for an MRI. Sooooo refreshing! It’s like he thought maybe this almost 40 year old woman with four kids and a husband and a life to get back to is telling the truth! Maybe she has better things to do than to be wasting everyone’s time and NHS funds pretending to be in pain!

So anyway. I digressed. I went back to the second appointment and he was lovely (and running on time) and he showed me my MRI results taking the time to show me my pre op MRI so that I could compare the two. He showed me that pre-op I had two disc bulges: one on the right side which was compressing the nerves and causing cauda equina symptoms and the other on the left which was just a slight herniation. The first neurologist who did the op removed the right side of the disc but left the left side. This meant of course that as healing was taking place and my right leg became pain free, I became aware of the discomfort in my left leg that had always been there but which was comparatively mild. So that was the first bit of information right there. He said he could fix this with another op. I was overjoyed at this thinking that would be the end to it all and I could get back to being me…BUT there was a but. My facet joints are gummed up too and he can’t fix that. He says I have arthritis in this area and degeneration which won’t be fixed by the op. We chatted about where my pain was (again he just believed me and treated me like an equal which was totally empowering) and through discussion we realised that actually my pain is connected to the arthritis not the disc-bulge. So not much point in having the op.

His next suggestion was injections (guided by xray??) into the joints. And this scared the shit out of me so we didn’t chat much about that! I’d already read about spinal pain relieving injections and steroid injections and since there’s only a 40% success rate I decided to give it a miss with the option of me coming back to him in the future if I change my mind.

So moving forward: he says I have to move. Which is hard because it hurts. I was scared to death I would mess up my back even more or over-do it and slip that partially slipped disc some more but he reassured me. He said if I don’t move I will end up with chronic pain and he can’t fix that. If I do too much and mess up my back he will fix it. He promised.

So. I am now ‘working out’. I have a personal trainer at the gym. I feel like a fraud. I usually only use the gym for the jaccuzzi and the starbucks…and twice now I’ve been in there in the main gym (not even the ladies gym!) with trainers on and a god-awful lycra outfit.


Wish me luck won’t you?



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