Christmas Movie Recommendations!

My kids love films. They love cuddling up with some sweets or popcorn on a blustery afternoon and watching a good movie.

I have a ban on them watching Christmas movies until December because I don’t like them to get worn out. When I was a kid I looked forward to Halloween films coming on the telly in October and Christmas ones in December but these days DVDS are so cheap they have copies of them all that they can watch all year long and now we have a smart TV and they can stream any film they want, I think it detracts from the excitement of it all. 

So anyway they are begging to watch The Grinch and Elf and evil woman that I am I keep saying no. Elf is Christmas Eve territory. 

Last year I wrapped DVDs and let them pick one each day of the holidays but this year I’ve made a lucky dip.
It’s a bit low-tech but each one of those pieces of folded card bears the name of a most excellent movie that can be easily searched for on the TV! 

And I bet you are just dying to know what’s on the list aren’t you?

Well here’s my comprehensive kids Christmas Movie list. In no particular order:

The Grinch

The Snowman

Nightmare before Christmas

Home Alone

Home Alone 2

Miracle on 34th Street

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 


The Santa Clause

The Polar Express


Jingle all the way

Christmas with the Kranks

Meet me in St Louis

Arthur Christmas

Fred Clause

Mickey Christmas Carol

Ernest Saves Christmas 

A Christmas Story

Mog’s Christmas (the Sainsbury’s ad)

Jack Frost

It’s a Wonderful Life

Muppet Christmas Carol

The Snowman and Snowdon

Stick man

Gruffalo’s  Child 

They can take it in turns to choose a film for the day! 🙂

How do you choose your family movies?

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