Crafty goodies from Baker Ross

The kids were already excited for Halloween because our tickets arrived for the East Lancs Railway’s Halloween Scare Train and they were begging to get the box down so we could decorate the house when the latest super surprise box come from Baker Ross.

Here’s a picture of Imogen  and Leon excitedly opening the box. Oona is busy jigsaw-ing in the background.

We’ve been sent some brilliant craft resources:

Day of the Dead bags to colour in

Foam stickers are always popular for sticking on cards, presents and pictures.

The felt tips were a massive hit because when Oona was a toddler I had a rule: if I found a felt tip in her hand it went in the bin! So over the last 12 months most of the felt tips were binned. (I have a cream sofa, I’m not sorry) The kids were delighted to find three packs in the box and there were many promises to look after them and this time Oona even got her own packet because she can be trusted not to scrawl on the walls these days.

Spooky magnetic picture frames

Leaf sand art for Autumn

Imogen was excited about the cross stitch kits.

The first things the kids decided to attempt was the autumn leaf sand art.

Aren’t they beautiful? You can tell which ones were done by the older kids, you peel off the sticky in stages so that sand can be applied in neat patterns. Oona just peeled hers right off and covered her leaves in sand whereas Imogen’s are the ones that have neat patterns, Leon’s are somewhere in the middle. 

They all managed the activity independently including Oona, just asking for help when it came to attaching the ribbons for hanging. They loved the activity and they have been added to our Autumn/Halloween decorations collection.

After a quick game of Headbands we attempted the pompom creatures.

The instructions are brilliant because Imogen and Leon are not strong readers, but the pictures are enough to explain the activity.

Imogen was off to a flying start…

But at 7 Leon made a bit of a tangled mess at first. I had to set him off again after untangling and balling his wool for him.

Oona didn’t make a mess because she sat with me from the beginning.

I’ve no idea where the Oona’s bat went! It is probably in one of her many handbags nestled up to a tiara or a few strings of beads.

We had a lovely morning crafting, as you can see from the pictures my health isn’t tip top at the moment but I still managed to give them the opportunity to be creative because the packs are so well put together.

Thanks again Baker Ross!

Find Halloween goodies here.

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