Scooby Doo Stretch Scooby

Leon is a massive Scooby Doo fan, he already has the haunted house and the mystery machine and loads of figures including glow-in-the-dark ones and monsters.

When the opportunity came up to review the Stretch Scooby I put Leon’s name forward. 

Scooby arrived today.

He looks great in his lime green and orange box! Getting him out of it was tricky and we immediately noticed that he’s quite heavy! 

Leon is totally delighted with him.

Then it was time for the stretching! He’s amazingly stretchy! It’s quite weird actually, Scooby feels quite dense and you can poke his tummy and your finger disappears! He’s like a really big stress ball!

Imogen came to help me and Leon stretch him! Poor Scoob!

Zoiks! He’s really stretchy! 

I’m really impressed with his quality, it’s clearly durable, and his eyes collar and spots are all nicely painted and the paint seems to stretch with the toy, it doesn’t look like it will be cracking with use. 

Poor Scooby has been stretched to death, has ended up flying through the air when the kids let go of him, he’s been outside on the cul-de-sac with the neighbours’ kids and he’s still in one piece. 

It’s a big thumbs up for Stretch Scooby from the Bridge Kids!

Stretch Scooby Doo was sent to us for review purposes…but our views are our own.

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