Advent Day 13 Bang-poppers

Today it was Miss Oona’s turn to open a door.

It was another marvellous camel.

And today’s lucky dip prize …

Party poppers!

I don’t know what possessed me to buy party poppers in the supermarket!

Oona calls them Bang-poppers which I personally feel is a much better name! Buying them wasn’t my finest idea. The kids love them as I expected but they are noisy and make a mess and apparently cannot be shared between four children without someone having a bigger pile. (Despite all the piles containing the same number). Oona was most put out that the big bag of bang-poppers was so small once everyone else had taken their share. so much so that in a weak moment I promised to buy more.

Kill me now.

She’s gone to bed leaving Paul on guard. He has to watch her last four poppers until she gets up tomorrow morning.

Off to hoover up some more bits of shredded paper.

See you tomorrow 😉

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