Advent Day 14

Leon’s turn

Another king. 

I love the Kings.  They have little surprised mouths! 

Leon chose the fattest heaviest gift in the bag.


They all love plasticine. The big kids make those stop-motion films and Oona happily trampled it in all the carpets.  Lots of fun for all.

Elizabeth didn’t want her picture taken today.

Me and Paul were talking about getting plasticine from the post office on rainy days when we were kids. And how you tried soooooo hard not to mix the colours…our palms were itching with the stress of watching Oona!



See you tomorrow…the Advent calendar is hotting up now, most of the animals are gone and the Kings are here…we still need to find the inn keeper, oxen, the donkey and then lastly Mary Joseph and Jesus himself. So stick with it…much excitement to come! 😂

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