Advent Day 4

It happened, I knew it would! They chose Pez sweets again! I might take the other two packs out of the bag just so they choose something else tomorrow ha ha!

Imogen’s turn today

A little lamb. he can go in the barn and wait for his friends and the shepherds.

The film they chose was Mog’s Christmas which despite being an advert was played about 150 times last year! Oona has all the Mog books and adores this short film.

You can see her jumping up and down in the background there!

And there they are delighted at MORE PEZ. I should’ve saved myself the hassle of thinking of creative things to go in the bag and just bought them a dispenser each and a packet of pez every day!

See you tomorrow!

Ps I’m not being sponsored by Pez I promise! (though I wish I was)

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