Advent Day 5

Oops I nearly forgot to update you guys and I bet you are just dying to know what we got aren’t you?

Well… it was Oona’s turn

And believe me I tried to keep her still for the picture but there was no way! she got another sheep for our flock.

There she is in her Paw Patrol nightie and felt tip all over her face.

Me: Oona have you been colouring on your face?

Oona: No, Mummy I just thinking!

She must’ve been deep in thought with her pen in her hand and accidentally leaned it onto her face!

Anyway back to the important stuff: Mister sheep with his buddy

And of course the other kids convinced her to choose MORE Pez sweets 🙂

The film today was The Santa Clause which nearly gave me kittens because for the first twenty minutes of the film two grown-ups are trying to convince their 6 year old that there is no Santa! 

I was frantically googling to check that it would be ok in the end…and despite the death of Santa (yes really, he’s properly dead) it all comes good in the end. Phew!

See you tomorrow. One more Pez day and God knows how many sheep to come. 

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