Advent Day 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

How the hell did that happen?

We are about to turn the Advent calendar around!

Day 8

The little campfire for the Shepherd


Loom bands!

The other summer the kids went Loom band crazy but they haven’t done them for a long time so I thought they would like these.  The blur that is Oona has got a Strawberry Shortcake colouring set.

Day 9

I left the kids in charge of the pictures and they forgot to take photos of whatever came out of the Advent calendar…but they got Fruitella sweets hooray! 

Later that day we put the tree up

Imogen’s turn to do the fairy!

Day 10

A king.

Leon’s turn

Bracelets to make for the big kids and play dough for Oona. The bracelets were crap but all the kids played play dough so that was cool.

Day 11

Elizabeth’s turn. A camel. My favourites!

There he is with his king


I put four different things in the parcel and thought it would be obvious who would get what… there was a toilet with gunk in it that makes fart noises when you stick your finger in the goop, a dinosaur in an egg that grows, a bracelet and one of those glow in the dark bracelets. They all wanted the fart toilet and the Dino egg.


I had to get out of bed at 6.45 on Sunday to sort it out.

Then Paul took the kids to Grandma’s whilst I did the wrapping.

Ready to go!

Day 12. All caught up!

Another king

Cat’s cradle for the big kids (Elizabeth took hers to school) and Animal Snap! for Oona. I bought her two packs so that there are enough for all four kids to play.

I’m so sorry I’m forgetful! I so wanted to be disciplined and record each day!

See you tomorrow (optimistic?)

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