Gazillion Bubbles!

This week we received a wonderful giant bubble wand from Gazillion bubbles to test out.



It was perfect timing because as you can see from the state of my house behind Imogen we had family over this weekend. It was Elizabeth and Leon’s birthdays and everyone came over with gifts and to watch them blow their candles out.

It all got a bit hectic and I remembered the bubble wand so sent the children (my four plus two little cousins) outside with it.


The wand came with a small bottle of bubbles and needed some batteries.



At first the children thought it was rubbish because it wasn’t working well, but they had put used batteries in and it didn’t have enough power to blow the bubbles.


Look how huge they are when you put new batteries in!

My little nephew Alex (5) and Oona (3) loved chasing them. Leon, the red-head age 8 and Imogen with the leather jacket age 10 loved using the wand.


They had used up the bubbles provided pretty fast, but we had a massive bottle under the sink from last Summer so the game didn’t have to stop when the bubbles ran out.


The bubble wand was a massive massive hit.  Kids are clumsy and soon spill or use up bubbles so unless you are planning to use the wand yourself you will need back up bubbles in the form of a gigantic  bottle of bubble mixture. But seriously if you want to make millions of huge huge bubbles we recommend this wand! Just remember to buy enough mixture. The children were outside for an hour together just blowing and popping huge bubbles. They were so giddy and came in all wet from running through the soapy suds and having bubbles pop in their faces. They were well impressed!

Lots of love Mel

Ps we received this as a review item but we don’t recommend things unless they are a hit.  X

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