Ravensburger puzzle fun

This week we were lucky, Oona was selected to receive and review a super cute new puzzle from Ravensburger.

There are four puzzles in the box and it is absolutely perfect for Oona who is doing lots of sorting and building at the moment. She loves stacking, threading, building and jigsawing!

This particular one is designed by Rachel Ellen Designs. The ballet/princess theme is perfect for Oona who goes to ballet every week without fail 🙂

The jigsaws themselves are lovely: 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces respectively and the quality is perfect.

The only thing I would say is that the pieces were not bagged separately, they were muddled together when we unwrapped the box. Oona is capable of doing the individual puzzles but not capable of identifying which pieces belong to which puzzle so I had to do that for her.

She happily played though, once I’d separated them and I can always pop them in some sandwich bags to keep them apart.

The jigsaw she started with was the 12 piece. She happily put that together independently. You will see she was in her pyjamas, I’ll introduce the harder ones when she isn’t getting ready for bed.



Oona and I can recommend the new Ravensburger puzzles. We’ve loved playing with them and they are so pretty, the little princesses and ballerinas are gorgeous.

Mel xx

We received the jigsaws in return for our honest review.


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