Remember us?

So my babies aren’t really babies any more!

Elizabeth is now 14, Imogen is 12, Leon is 10 on Saturday and Oona is 5. I haven’t blogged for a long time mostly because we decided to apply to be foster carers and it isn’t really the done thing to have a public social media presence when you are fostering. We started our application in October 2017 and it took around 7,8 months to get registered. We passed panel in May 2018. We have had a small number of foster children and one with us currently who will hopefully be here long-term. I can’t talk about this child or put him in any pictures but have asked permission to continue to blog and as long as the child remains nameless and photo-less we are good to go.

We go back to panel (they are yearly) in May this year so hopefully we will pass and our fostering journey will continue. I’ve been on quite a lot of interesting training and read some good books so I will give you an overview of what I have been learning in a series of parenting and attachment posts in the upcoming weeks.

Elizabeth starts secondary school soon, she has struggled to stay motivated with the IGCSE courses I set her up with at home and so we had a big chat about how she was going to get her qualifications and we decided between us that school might be a good option. I hate arguing with her and spending the day trying to make her do school work was just impacting on our relationship in such a negative way that I am looking forward to just being her Mum again and not having to constantly nag her to death.

Imogen, Leon and Oona will still be home educated, they are all happy and at the moment are all self-motivated. Leon is interested in music, he plays electric guitar, he goes hula hooping with Imogen and loves wood-school. Imogen loves cooking especially baking and art. She has done her Bronze Art Award and is on with her Silver (which is equivalent to a GCSE). Oona mostly still just plays, loves art and craft and is destined to be a ballerina!

My health has improved a lot, I still get pain and I have to watch my energy levels but I am loads better than I was. I follow a keto diet which has brought down a lot of the pain I was having and I have to be careful not to drive too far or else I’m lay on the couch with frozen peas on my back but generally everything we do is quite local so I tend to be ok.

Paul has set up a Counselling practice and is doing well with that, I see less of him than when he was working from home but he finds it fulfilling and he seems happy in his work. I get quite jealous of the peace and quiet he has in his office! Lots of noise here in the house with all the children!

Imogen has had some problems: about 18 months ago we discovered that she has idiopathic adolescent scoliosis. Idiopathic means they don’t know the cause. She is quite wonky (still utterly beautiful) and I have been worried about her because her curve has progressed quite considerably since she was first diagnosed and she now has a 40 degree cobb angle. We are under an excellent surgeon/consultant at Alder Hey but they are slow to get her in a brace which would hopefully hold the curve whilst she finishes growing. We are looking at other options and I plan to document her journey (she has given her permission).

Hopefully you will enjoy getting to know us again, we are still the same, just older and more battered by time! (that’s me not the kids!)

Look out for a post detailing Imogen’s journey so far in the next couple of days.

Mel x

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