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Well I was banned from blogging by our foster agency…they will say I wasn’t banned…but I wasn’t allowed to talk about anything pertaining to the child we had in placement and when the child we had in placement was in the centre of our family life that proved really tricky. How can I post about our family and miss out one person? Also his Mum and Dad could then look and see what we had been doing/where we had been even without seeing pictures of their child so that meant no posting for me.

We have now given up fostering. We did it for over two years and had the last little one with us for 15 months before we realised that we were just too exhausted to continue.

It was a really hard decision to make and it broke our hearts really.

It does mean that I am now free of social services (we were having visits most weeks due to the nature of the child we had with us) and I can have a messy house again without fear that I will get a surprise visit from someone wearing a lanyard! Little one left in January and I am only just beginning to feel better both about him leaving and managing to feel like I have finally caught up on sleep. By the end of the placement I wasn’t sleeping very well and was exhausted from dealing with challenging and violent behaviour 24/7.

I hope to come back to my blog now that things are calmer and I have head space to think and write. I want to update you on Imogen and tell you all about the amazing training I have done and books I have read on our fostering journey.

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