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Elizabeth’s blog

Before starting her blog six months ago Elizabeth was¬†thinking about blogging for a while. Infact the indecisiveness of aspies is another blog-post entirely!! Anyway, finally I took the decision out of her hands and set her up with a WordPress blog. I felt it would be educational and would give her an interest and maybe even help others. What I… Read more →

What’s in a label?

There’s this argument I keep having online. Argument is a bit of a strong word, I suppose…but I always end up drawn in to answering a common question. People often disagree with me and although I can see their point of view I still put my point across. So that’s kind of arguing, right? The question that draws me in… Read more →

Elizabeth’s Birthday

Birthdays in our house start at the crap of dawn. Did I say crap? Oh I meant crack, obviously! Elizabeth’s tenth birthday was no different, she had been secretly stressing about it for weeks, I had thought it was general excitement until she started really acting out and I sat her down to ask her why was she getting all… Read more →

Sleep overs: aspergers/autism

A few years ago when Elizabeth was about 6, Imogen was invited to a sleep-over. It would be her first and she was really excited. I had a problem though: Elizabeth was older and I had never allowed her to stay over at someone else’s house. Aspergers and sleep-overs are NOT a match made in heaven, in our experience! First… Read more →

Heavy work: spd

‘Heavy work’ can be really good for kids with sensory processing disorder: it gives the child important proprioceptive input because it involves resistance and input to the muscles and joints, making the child aware of their position in space and increases their ability to concentrate and decreases defensiveness. It helps them organise their emotions, nervous system and their response to… Read more →

Upside down!

Elizabeth likes to take selfies whilst upside down! She’s so beautiful but many of my ‘right-way-up’ pictures don’t show her at her best because her posed smile is not a natural one. My many upside down pictures are the ones I especially cherish because she is so happy!   Wanting to be upside down is a ‘symptom’ of sensory processing… Read more →

Potty Training

I promised I would blog about my potty training methods: Being a mother of four, I’ve tried different potty training methods with different children and had varying results. Elizabeth was late to potty train for a number of reasons: Imogen was born when she was 16 months old and by the time Imogen was 6 months old (and I suppose… Read more →

Christmas Shop-along: Elizabeth age 9

I follow quite a few crochet blogs and they are always doing CALs which are Crochet-a-longs where the blogger crochets a blanket or something and their readers crochet the same thing and share their results…I’ve decided to do a Christmas shop-a-long! So if you are buying for an nine year old girl, feel free to add your purchases to the… Read more →

Holiday Nightmare RAC Debacle!

I haven’t blogged for a little while because we have been stranded without a car. We had planned to go to Abergele on 13th October with our Home Ed friends on a Sun ¬£9.50 holiday… I spent the three days prior cleaning the house, washing EVERYTHING, cleaning everything, tidying up for the burglars, as Peter Kay jokes! Found someone to… Read more →