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Yellow Moon: Tropical fish cushion sewing kits

We are really lucky to have been chosen as official Yellow Moon reviewers and as long standing faithful customers that’s exciting news! For those of you who are familiar with Baker Ross, they are sister companies. I’ve found that Baker Ross seem to have larger quantities in their packs than yellow moon, which tend to have packs which containg 2-5… Read more →

Guest post: Aspergers and Home Ed

When Prue from Adventures in homeschool asked me to write a guest blog post about our home educating adventures for with a Special Educational Needs child I told her I don’t do anything differently really, I was at a loss as to what to write. But then I realised that to get where we are now, four years in, we’ve… Read more →

Enabling children

My kids aren’t allowed to make me a cup of tea yet. They are 9,8,5 and 1 but my kettle is a heavy bottomed one with a whistle that sits on the (gas) hob. I think it is too heavy when full for Imogen to use and Elizabeth isn’t sensible enough. So they aren’t allowed. They are allowed to put… Read more →

Our plans: making plans with your kids

This is how I’ve organised our plans for the last 6 months. I saw a thread on a home education group about how to share plans with the children and this is how I do it. This is a piece of flip chart paper, taped to the living room door. I split it down the middle and as you can see on… Read more →

Self-directed time

This week I introduced Elizabeth to the idea of Self-directed time. Elizabeth has been finding things very difficult over the Summer months. I usually make huge efforts to keep up our loose schedule through the holidays (even keeping our normal routine up until Christmas Eve sometimes in order to try and maintain ‘normality’) however this Summer the weather has been… Read more →

Lightening outfit

  Elizabeth came downstairs wearing this. She explained it was a ‘lightening outfit’ because of the soft flowers alongside the ‘Animal’ t-shirt! She said it was like the positive and negative charges in the clouds together. Cue discussion on the meaning of the word ‘juxtaposition’ 🙂 Read more →

Lucky Hens

For a good while I’ve wanted hens. Actually I want to live on the edge of woods that we own and have a 5 bedroomed house with a small holding and be completely off-grid and self-sufficient but, you know…hens is a step towards that! I’ve asked Paul loads of times and he kept saying no…then I asked on Freegle to… Read more →

Tyres as ‘safe spaces’

I have implemented a couple more of Elizabeth Jarman’s ideas this weekend! See Communication Friendly Spaces and More Communication. Elizabeth is a consultant who helps schools, nurseries and other childcare settings create a positive learning environment for their children. She came to visit us and came up with some really super ideas. One was to utilise tyres as a ‘space for… Read more →

Liar liar pants on fire!

As you guys probably know I’ve been migrating all my posts from Blogger onto this self-hosted WordPress site…and because of this I’ve been reading through old posts to make sure they have arrived with links working and photos in their proper places. I came across this: Difficult Decisions Do me a favour, will you and go and have a quick… Read more →

The Rats by Elizabeth

There was a poem about the rats, Pipsqueak, Lucy and Calam. Here are some pictures:     I love my rats.  I clean them out every week and check them every day. They are lovely and they don`t bite. Some people are scared of rats, but they`re actually very gentle.They`re very cute.   This post was submitted by Elizabeth who has… Read more →