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Lego and cousins!

I think I’ve told you we had a baby, haven’t I? My little sister made a really beautiful one a couple of months ago and they came over at the weekend to let me have a turn. Lego and cousins is the best way to spend your Sunday, I can assure you!  Of course I couldn’t cuddle Heidi without my… Read more →

The story of me and Paul

Shall I tell you a story? It’s a bit cute and romantic, I think. I’ll tell you the story of how me and Paul (Paul and I for you posh readers) got together. When I first met Paul I was pregnant with Elizabeth. My relationship of four years had failed miserably and a week before our wedding when I was… Read more →

Wellies and shades: toddler uniform!  

A general musing on the whys and wherefores of the toddler mind. Why oh why does the toddler uniform consist of sunglasses and wellies? Oona often refuses clothing of any kind yet will wear sunnies and wellies all day long! I’ve had to buy her another pair of wellies so that she can change out of her ‘collecting the eggs… Read more →

Kangaroo Care: toddler

‘Kangaroo care’ is a term coined by professionals to describe the act of putting a neonate or newborn to the mother’s body ‘skin on skin’. It is practised by fathers too, but the emphasis is mostly on the mother due to it being linked to a positive breastfeeding relationship. It is known to stabilise heart rate, temperature, promotes physiological and… Read more →

Hot chocolate in Starbucks

I took the kids to the gym for Karate and Oona and I waited in Starbucks for them to finish. We both had a soya hot chocolate and it was delicious! Unfortunately on the way there Oona had an accident and so I took off her leggings and knickers and wrapped her cardigan around her waist to preserve her modesty!… Read more →

Washing up: opportunities for water play

My Oona is a busy little person! She loves helping, even though it mostly isn’t helpful! Here she is washing up! I couldn’t resist sharing it with you! For her it is any excuse for a bit of water play and in the home environment allowing kids to play with water offers many learning opportunities: it is a step towards… Read more →

Fast asleep baby

I just love sleeping baby pictures! Especially when the baby is mine ! Oona doesn’t stop! She hardly naps and she doesn’t sleep through, she is a little minx and always up to something! i think she is afraid to miss something. Seeing her asleep is lovely because it means ‘me time’ and ‘me and Paul time’ but it’s also… Read more →

Nursies When the Sun Shines and Gro clock

You may recall I’ve been night weaning Oona (for about a year ha ha) and I find that things go very well until she is teething or poorly but then we have to start at the beginning again so I was looking for something that might teach her the concept of the boobies going to sleep and therefore being out… Read more →

Oops a mini-me!

I’ve made a little mini-me! Yes yes the Mister helped a bit (not much, but a bit!) Guess which picture is me! Of course you will spot it because you can tell it’s a picture of a picture but seriously, I’ve got four kids and just one of them is my twin! 🙂 Read more →

Weebles Dapple the Horse review

Look who got some post this morning!   Jumping for joy and shaking the packet, this kid knows what a parcel is!   Don’t look at my kitchen floor! Oona opens her parcel!   What is it? What is it?   It’s only a Weebles Dapples the Horse character!!! She was pretty chuffed with him We have been selected to… Read more →