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Kangaroo Care: toddler

‘Kangaroo care’ is a term coined by professionals to describe the act of putting a neonate or newborn to the mother’s body ‘skin on skin’. It is practised by fathers too, but the emphasis is mostly on the mother due to it being linked to a positive breastfeeding relationship. It is known to stabilise heart rate, temperature, promotes physiological and… Read more →

Funny baby

I couldn’t resist the new Frugi range and bought Miss Oona the little hat and cardigan featured on the front cover of the catalogue: I don’t think she was supposed to really wear the hat and nothing else…but she left her hat on and had some boobie! Imogen took this pic, you can just see her in the mirror! Read more →

Eeek! It’s been a while

Hello again! So I’ve been busy! With this little pretty one This is Miss Oona Wren Bridge. She is now 7 months old and is a little fistful of energy and happiness! My pregnancy wasn’t easy, I was sick for 19 weeks. This is the first pregnancy where I’ve been physically sick all day long for so long. Probably the… Read more →