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Icky Sticky Kids in Hebden Bridge

We went along to Icky Sticky kids last week, and we had a blast! Oona went in her training pants and kept them dry, Woohoo! and whilst she was quite careful and considered in her play, preferring to play in the water than the messy stuff, Leon went mad and came home looking like he’s been an extra in a… Read more →

Potty Training

I promised I would blog about my potty training methods: Being a mother of four, I’ve tried different potty training methods with different children and had varying results. Elizabeth was late to potty train for a number of reasons: Imogen was born when she was 16 months old and by the time Imogen was 6 months old (and I suppose… Read more →

Baby wrap: ticks guidelines

Oona has been busy mothering this week! And she wants to teach you about the ticks guidelines:   Ticks Guidelines T is for Tight: keep your baby close to you I Baby should be in view C close enough to kiss K Keep baby’s chin off her chest S Support baby’s back   Read more →

Toddler Activities Home education

Home education is marvellous in every way, but I won’t lie to you it can be tricky to ensure that all the kids needs get met. I liken it to spinning plates (in a circus style not in the throwing them at the wall style!!) I usually have at least two spinning, one wobbling and maybe one falling! Usually it… Read more →

Blueberry training pants

We got a delivery today!! Blueberry training pants! Hooray! They are the cutest squishiest most gorgeous reusable little pull up pants you ever did see! We got ours from Kingdom of fluff. Laura is totally brilliant at returning calls and answering questions and because I’ve ordered from her before and put in an order of goodness knows how many pairs… Read more →

Birth mark or Angel kiss?

I am absolutely covered in freckles. I tell people I have ‘ginger skin’ because ginger hair runs in the family but actually I have dark hair…not as dark as my pictures, naturally, I colour it as I went prematurely grey years ago but I have the ginger skin, ginger sisters and a ginger son. When my girls were little and… Read more →

Hoppediz sling trial

Oona and I went to Hebden Bridge to The Old Tree-house shop there to buy a sling. We ended up borrowing a Hoppediz. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I hadn’t worked out how to create a ‘seat’ so she kept straightening her legs and sliding out. I didn’t like it at all. But when we went to the… Read more →

Funny baby

I couldn’t resist the new Frugi range and bought Miss Oona the little hat and cardigan featured on the front cover of the catalogue: I don’t think she was supposed to really wear the hat and nothing else…but she left her hat on and had some boobie! Imogen took this pic, you can just see her in the mirror! Read more →

Sleep-training week 2

So I thought I would update you on the night-weaning/sleep-training. Night seven was more of the same waking in the night, Oona woke a few times and instead of Paul saying it was dark, I did. I copied everything he had done (and I wore a t-shirt so that the boobs were not visible!) I pointed to the top of… Read more →

To sleep, perchance to dream…

I’ve got a wakey baby: Oona still doesn’t sleep through the night and I am a wreck! Of the four kids, Elizabeth was a wakey baby and I followed Gina Ford’s ‘Cry it out’ method to get her to sleep through the night. This involved me sitting outside her closed bedroom door in tears whilst she cried herself to sleep… Read more →