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Lucky Hens: Accessories and food

It’s chicken-Friday! I’ve got some more brilliant advice from Louise at You can buy your food and water dishes, treats and other accessories online through them! Accessories and food It is cheaper to buy your feed and wood shavings in bulk from farm stores. I buy mine from Pack Horse Feeds in Edenfield so if you are local to me… Read more →

Lucky Hens : housing

I think my regular readers will know I recently teamed up with Louise from The chicken House Company to offer you some great Chicken advice! Because I’ve got a busy blog with lots going on including crochet and kids and Legoland and such like, I’ve decided to move all my chickeny posts to Fridays…so Friday will henceforth be known as… Read more →

Lucky Hens: Pecking order

My lovely lucky hens are falling out! There’s been a bit of fighting in the coop. ‘Pecking order’ is a saying which is linked to chickens and their strong tendency towards pecking each other silly when establishing who’s boss. The thing is though, once the boss is established they then have to squabble about who is next in line and… Read more →

New to us: Lucky Hens!

As regular readers will know, one of our much loved chooks, Zig died last week. The children were very upset and we had to have a lot of discussion about battery hens and about the fact that our chickens come here to retire, they are not young, healthy girls, they are already pretty used up when they arrive. Well to… Read more →

A sad day.

Last night Elizabeth went to put the chickens to bed and she came running back in the house crying because she found one of our chickens dead in the run. Zig was one of our leaders, our escape artist. She was best friends with ‘That’ (named by Oona who could only point and shout ‘That!’ at the time) and Clucky… Read more →

Free Range Chickens

My beautiful garden is no more!! At this time of year the garden usually looks quite bare (I am low on ever-greens) by Spring things usually start looking a lot better…but honestly I don’t think it has ever looked this bad! My beautiful chickens soon out-grew their pen and when they ‘escaped’ I wasn’t too fussed, I just let them… Read more →

Lucky Hens

For a good while I’ve wanted hens. Actually I want to live on the edge of woods that we own and have a 5 bedroomed house with a small holding and be completely off-grid and self-sufficient but, you know…hens is a step towards that! I’ve asked Paul loads of times and he kept saying no…then I asked on Freegle to… Read more →